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CineClub - Standard Card


Cine Club - Gold Card

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1) Terms appliedNetwork – Network of CineGroup  cinema chain

• CineClub Rewards and Savings Program – a loyalty program implemented by CineGroup Cinema Network

Loyalty Program – is a marketing action by CineGroup Cinema Network which is aimed at building of long-term relationships with customers in order to make them loyal, understand their needs and develop those services they need. Loyalty Program by CineGroup aims to increase customer satisfaction and is based on the use of plastic cards.


• Participant of Rewards and Savings Program – a natural person to whose name CineClub card has been registered
• Bonuses – amount of discount accumulated on and/or written off from CineClub cardowner / Participant of Rewards and Savings Program as specified in the following Rules.


Application Form


For activation of CineClub card, it is necessary that you fill in the Application Form. Allfields of the Application Form are mandatory. Completed form shall be submitted to a staff member of the cinema. 




2 Any natural person aged 18 or over is eligible for participation in the Rewards and Savings Program (The Program). CineClub cards are issued free and may be obtained when purchasing a ticket to any of the participating cinemas of CineClub.
3 If name, contact phone number and/or e-mail of Participant changes, he or she must notify such changes directly to CineClub  manager or send them to the email address of cinema. Otherwise, management of the CineGroup shall not be held responsible for the consequences related to the absence of correct data about the Participant of the Program.
4 CineClub card will be activated upon issuance. 
5 Upon activation Participants of the Program will be allocated bonuses on their CineClub cards in accordance with the rate established by the CineGroup Network. For Standard CineClub cards first-time 20 bonuses will be set. 

7When buying a cinema ticket Participant of the Program will receive bonuses on their CineClub cards. Primary interest/accrual rate will be equal to 10% of the price of the cinema ticket.

8Active Balance – bonuses that the cardholder receives when buying cinema tickets, depending on the CineClub card status. Percent of amount may be 10% or 15% depending on the card status.

Through this balance card holder may obtain a discount for purchasing cinema tickets, as well as certain products in the Express Bar, at the rate of 1 bonus = 1 manat.

Discount for the full cost of the cinema ticket / tickets will be available through accumulation of bonuses equaling to the cost of purchased cinema tickets (or more cinema tickets, if allowed by the amount of accumulated bonuses). Every 10th is ticket free!


To change the status of the CineClub card, second Cumulative Balance will be used; this one will accumulate bonuses for all purchased cinema tickets. These bonuses are virtual and can not be cashed. Cumulative Balance will be used for transfer to the new level, and bonuses upon such transfer will not be expired.


9 After accumulation of certain amount of bonuses on the card, its status will change.

With the transition to the new level accrual rate will be increased with respect to cost of cinema tickets.

10 Accumulation of bonuses on CineClub card will be made after its purchase and in accordance with the following scheme:


Status of CineClub card

Rate of bonus accumulation against purchase of each cinema ticket

Bonus accumulation

Level 1 – CineClub Standard


Upon purchase of card

Level 2 – CineClub Gold Card


Upon reaching of 500 bonuses

Participant of Rewards and Savings Program (PRSP) is entitled to receive additional bonus in accordance with Birthday campaign. Bonuses are awarded on the card upon provision of the document certifying date of birth, as well as identity of the cardholder. PRSP may receive additional bonuses of Birthday campaign only once a year, by contacting the box office of CineGroup Cinema Network, but no later than one week after the date of his birth.

11) Network shall not be responsible for the actions of third parties in respect of the CineClubcard and/or  its use by third parties.

12) Demagnetized card will be restored for free with maintaining its balance.

13) In case of loss PRSP must purchase a new card

Card balance will be restored provided that PRSP must submit an information on the lost card, buy a new card and complete the application.

In order to avoid the use of accumulated bonuses of lost card, it must be suspended as soon as possible. To do this, PRSP must notify administrator of Cinema Center about missing card by phone or email.

14) CineClub card is valid in all cinemas of Network.

15) If, within 12 calendar months no transaction is made card will be considered inactive.

At the expiration of 12 calendar months starting from the date of the last transaction on the card, bonuses will deducted from inactive card automatically.

16) The Network reserves the right to change the terms of the Program, even if it leads to a change in the accrued bonuses of PRSP. Information on  changes will be posted on the official website of the Network ( no later than one week prior to their enforcement.

17) 24) Personal information provided by PRSP shall be deemed as confidential and shall be used by the Network only for the following purposes:

a. For charges and/or write-off bonuses to/from personal account of PRSP.

b. For provision of PRSPs with an opportunity to participate in special events, promotions, contests conducted by the Network.

c. For communication between Network and PRSPs as regards to newsletters and etc.

d. For improvement of quality of services rendered by Network.

e. For recommendations for goods and services that may be interesting for PRSPs.

f. For provision of information about special offers and prizes for PRSPs from our sponsors.

18 Should the need arise for use of information about PRSP in a manner not specified in the above list, The Network shall seek official permission from PRSP for provision of information and shall not use such information without his/her permission.

19 After the introduction of CineClub Rewards and Savings Program all previous programs cease to have effect.

20 Participant of Rewards and Savings Program may not have more than one card.

21) Administration of the CineGroup Network reserves the right to make changes to the Rules on Rewards and Savings Program without giving a notice to cardholders.

22) CineClub card shall be considered as property of CineGroup Cinema Network



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