28 cinema club

«28 CINEMA CLUB» – loyalty program for regular visitors of our cinema



Points can be used for partial payment, rather than whole sum.

You can buy card «28 CINEMA CLUB» in the cash office of the cinema.

You may enquire about the number of points accumulated on the card in the cinema-house, from cashiers and at the official site of the cinema www.28cinema.az


End of the form

Official OOfficial terms of participation in «28 CINEMA CLUB»

1) Any physical person may become participant of the Club. Cards are issued free in the «28 CINEMA».

2) To activate the card one should fill the form with the indication of card number, full name, sex, date of birth, contact phone and e-mail.  These fields of the form  should be filled; otherwise the card will not be activated. You should return filled form to the cashier or administrator of the cinema.

3) If name, contact phone number and e-mail changes, Participant himself/herself must notify Club manager about the changes, to the Internet address club@28cinema.az.  Otherwise, management of the Club will not be responsible for the consequences related to the absence of correct data about the Participant of the Club.

4) Card becomes active 3-4 days after its purchase and filling of the form.

5) Participants of the Club will be allocated  points on their cards in accordance with the rate established by the Club management.


Rate existing since 01.10.2012:

6) Owners of VIP-card, besides participation in this program, will have the following advantages:

Our VIP-guests, as well as persons who have accumulated 500 points and moved to this level, might become owners of VIP-card «28 CINEMA CLUB».

7) To add or to write-off the points, one should submit the card to cashier prior to payment.

8) Points are virtual, and may not be cashed.

9) The Cinema is no responsible for the actions of third persons with respect to the Card, and for use of the Card by the third persons.

10) Demagnetized card is restored free of charge, with the maintenance of  balance.

11) If the Card is lost, Participant of the Club must purchase a new card.

When VIP-card is lost, it will be restored free of charge.

12) Term of the card validity shall be unlimited if not specified otherwise in new information materials of the Cinema.

13) The card becomes invalid is it has not been used during 24 months.

14) The Cinema reserves the right to amend the terms of the program, even if this results in change of number of points accumulated by the Club Participant.  Advertisements about amendments will appear at the official site of the Cinema 1 week before their introduction.

15) Information submitted by the Participant  will be kept confidential and will be used for the following purposes only:

a. To add and to write-off points from the individual account of the Club Participant;
b. To give participants of the Club possibility of taking part in special events, acts, competitions  of the Cinema;
c. To ensure communications between the Cinema and participants of the Club with the purpose of news dissemination;
d. To improve the quality of the Cinema services;

e. For the advertising of products and services that could be  interesting for Club Participant;
f. To present information about special offers and prizes for participants of the Club from our sponsors;

16) The following terms in the Regulations will have the following meaning:

a. Cinema – «28 CINEMA»;
b. Club - 28 CINEMA CLUB – loyalty program implemented by  «28 CINEMA»;
c. Card – plastic magnetic card, sold in the Cinema. The card is “to the bearer”.
d. VIP-card – plastic magnetic card, sold in the Cinema. The card is “to the bearer” and gives the right for additional services.
e. Participant of the Club – physical person to whose name the card has been activated;
f. Club management –  Director of  «28 CINEMA»  who makes decisions regarding the Club activities;
g. Points – scores that are accumulated on the card of the Club Participant, and/or written off  the card, as specified in regulations;

17) These regulations represent entire agreement between the Participant and the Cinema.

18) Only physical persons can become participants of the Club.  Participation of legal entities is not envisaged.

19) Purchase of the card and filling of the form shall mean acceptance of these Regulations by the Participant. No additional guarantees and conditions are required for the participation in the Club.


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